Returns and refunds

Our return policy takes 14 days, which means that you have 14 days after receiving your goods to contact us if you want to return the items. Unfortunately, if 14 days have passed since your purchase, we cannot offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused (unassembled) and in the same condition as you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. You must contact us before returning an item, if you do not, we may not be able to process a refund. We are not responsible for items returned without prior contact or permission that are damaged or lost.

Return shipment authorized

Once we have authorized the return, you will receive an email from our return team with your return number and instructions on what happens next. We allow 30 days from receipt of this email for the goods to return to our warehouse, then refunds will be made at our discretion. Furthermore, items returned outside of this time frame or returned without prior authorization may be refused and returned to the sender, which may result in you being liable for an additional compensation from the couriers. We do not refund orders until the returned item has been accepted and processed by our warehouse.

Original packaging

If the returned item has been USED, DAMAGED, or is not in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING, we cannot offer a full refund and you will be charged 30% of the original purchase price to cover the fact that we can no longer resell it. Before returning your item, we recommend that you take photos of the item and packaging as a visual representation of the condition. In the event of damage in transit with a visual record of the condition of the item before it was shipped, the return process is accelerated and a returned item is prevented from being refused due to damage. We do not accept products that consist of hazardous materials, flammable liquids or contain gases. Please ensure that you drain all products that require gasoline and that the battery cable is disconnected in the case of battery powered items. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Please contact customer service before you return your item so that we are aware of the return shipment, failure to do so may result in delays in processing your refund.

How does that work with repairs, where should I go?

For repair and maintenance of your product, you can make an appointment to visit our warehouse. We cannot guarantee that your product will be fixed on site directly. We can only help you if the item is purchased from us. We also give a warranty on all our repair work. We give a 50% discount on the hourly wages for our customers! instead of 60, you pay as a customer of BWW 2INVEST N.V., only € 30 per hour (excluding spare parts). Is there something we cannot fix right away? Then we will ensure that your product is ready within 15 working days. You can then collect your product again.

Product returned after 14 days because it is defective?

Sometimes we get items back because it would be faulty. After checking by our employees, this appears to be incorrect in 99% of the cases. Often the vehicles are not properly mounted, the battery is not charged or simply not connected. If you return an item due to a defect, but it turns out to be in order, we will charge work and administration costs. The cost of returning the item is also at the expense of the customer. If the vehicle appears to be faulty under warranty, we will repair and return the item within 15 working days. If the vehicle can no longer be repaired, you will receive a voucher for this.


In rare cases, we will arrange the return and we will inform you of any costs you may be liable for before arranging collection with the courier (return costs plus handling fees of €40 to €79 may apply depending on conditions. Return costs may vary depending on the size of the product and are determined by our courier company), please be notified before we arrange the pick up. We will arrange a suitable day with you, but we cannot specify a specific time for the courier to pick up. If you miss the collection, we will have to charge for this, as we will be charged for the missed collection. If you think you will not be present at the collection, please let us know